Companies worldwide are fighting to acquire and retain the right talent, in the right locations, while watching the cost to hire increase. ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) services help HR leaders shed administrative worries to focus on strategic talent initiatives that drive sustainable growth. Our advanced HR analytics decrease cost and attrition rates, while our simplified working models for HR operations support new skills and demographics, remote, mobile, and virtual working environments, and emerging markets in multiple industries. We service more than half a million employees around the world.


Talent Management

Business strategies and employee attitudes are dynamically-changing. Start with the end in mind—talent strategy must be tightly aligned with business strategy. ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL Talent Management is all about putting the right person in the right job. It is not just limited to attracting the best people across the globe but it is a continuous process that involves sourcing, measuring, validating and re-calibrating the effectiveness of your talent management, and rewards and learning programs.

ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL Talent Management solutions provide companies to nurture their human capital management through a clear focus on Recruitment, Performance and Learning & development processes. ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL Talent Management comprises of:


Organisations that take a continuous approach to manage the performance of their workforce can adapt more easily to the ongoing changes in the competitive environment and achieve sustainable growth. ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL Performance & Goals put employees performance at the center of the process so your people always have the direction, the feedback and the recognition that they need to perform their best. Its comprehensive set of capabilities allows you to create a unique performance management process that accurately evaluates past performance and improves future performance.

  • Goal Management keeps your workforce constantly focused on the right business objectives.
  • Continuous Performance Management help employees improve and succeed with ongoing feedback and coaching.
  • Performance Assessments accurately measure the value and impact of your employees.


ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL Learning puts your employees at the center of the learning experience. To improve your competitive advantage and your business outcomes, it’s imperative to instill a culture of learning in your organization. You will improve skills, develop leaders, reduce compliance risks, and more effectively engage your people, all from one powerful, easy-to-use learning management solution.

  • Improve workforce skills and employee productivity:Develop leaders and close performance gaps by engaging your employees. Studies show that engaged employees are better equipped to reach their own personal and company goals, and they’re more motivated and productive.
  • Reduce risk and help ensure compliance: ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL learning can help your organization comply with legally mandated compliance goals, such as OSHA, FDA, or HIPAA standards, or even things like an internal code-of-conduct.
  • Extend learning to external audiences: Your organization can create unique “Extended Enterprise” environments for your partners, customers, franchisees, and other external audiences. The result: improved branch/franchise performance, customer and partner development, and retention. The ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL solution includes eCommerce capabilities for courses and can increase your learning solution’s ROI.


RECRUITMENT is a critical part of a strategic talent management program, but it is often overlooked by busy managers who believe that it’s human resources’ responsibility. With no clear owner, high complexity, and high stakes, the on boarding process often leaves the new hires feeling anxious and unappreciated. This can lead to first-year turnover, less-than-engaged employees, and longer time to productivity/contribution. What’s needed is an on boarding solution that is easy, automatic, and personal to lay the groundwork for a productive and engaged member of your team. It requires a solution that incorporates the latest on-boarding, best practices and emphasizes employee socialization.

ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL on-boarding helps you consistently and efficiently convert new hires into engaged, empowered, productive employees by:

  • Guiding the HR department, the hiring manager, and the new hire in a meaningful way though the steps of the on-boarding process.
  • Connecting new hires with the right people and relevant content even before they start.
  • Developing new hires quickly, turning them into productive employees and enabling them to begin contributing in record time.

With ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL on-boarding, you get:

  • Improved process efficiency and compliance
  • Faster time to contribution
  • Better employee engagement and retention

What makes ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL on-boarding unique is the more strategic approach to on-boarding. ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL takes the long view that on-boarding is a starting key point to fully integrate talent management and sets the stage for employee success in every area. In addition to a robust set of workflow automation tools, which improve compliance, ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL on-boarding leverages the Global platform to connect the process to all the other talent processes, such as learning (formal and informal), goal setting, recruiting and core HR. Instead of being another isolated HR program, on-boarding becomes the center of the talent strategy, empowering new hires to ramp up quickly and contribute to corporate goals sooner. In addition to the traditional on-boarding functionality, such as forms and task management, ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL on-boarding also provides features that are entirely focused on helping the new hire feel connected and informed from the start. By giving new hires the ability to meet and interact virtually with their peers even before the first day, ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL improves employee engagement and ultimately, new hire retention.

ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL Recruiting helps recruiters source, engage, and hire the world’s best talent. ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL Recruiting provides intelligence and guidance along every step of recruiting – sourcing, marketing, and candidate management. With ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL, recruiting is comprehensive and simple, ensuring recruiters and managers are quickly able to hire the best talent possible.

  • Source the world’s best talent.Post jobs for candidates around the globe with analytics, providing complete visibility into sourcing to eliminate budget and reach the best candidates.
  • Engage and nurture talent.Build talent pipelines and engage with active and passive candidates everywhere with a complete responsive candidate experience that works across all devices.
  • Hire the right candidate.Streamline hiring from mobile apply to interview scheduling to online offer letters; and, with mobile tools to get jobs posted to approving offers, it is simple to hire the right talent.


No matter to whatever company you belong to, whether a one-person company or a several thousand-person company, time is an issue. Our Payroll Management services guarantees you to save time by reducing the hours spent producing payroll information and preparing payroll registers, quarterly, and year to date payroll reports. With the growing market hold, Payroll Management has become a value for money choice for a wide range of the market. Our Services  can handle complex payroll processes in compliance with current legal regulations in multiple countries. Predefined reports can help you address various legal and compliance issues, increase the visibility and transparency of your HR processes, and simplify overall management of compliance-related concerns.

Payroll Management services provide:

  • Assist with payroll processing.
  • Prepare pay slips.
  • Prepare customized payroll reports
  • Prepare monthly bank transfer letters
  • Assist with tax computation and other tax issues relating to payroll of individuals
  • Maintain leave records.
  • Assist with statutory compliance with various applicable laws such as income tax, profession tax, provident fund etc.
  • Provide personal employee support services that enable resolving employee queries.
  • Provide helpdesk for employees.


” ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL statutory compliance services help you to comply with all the statutory norms that you have to follow as an employer. ” 

International Finance Magzine

” ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL has delivered quality consistently over the years. With a high degree of automation and strong process adherence, ACCOSPHERE GLOBAL has been successful in managing our requirements very well. ” 



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